The years of junior/senior high not only make up a time of fun excitement, they also represent some of the greatest challenges. We hope it would also be a time during which students can devote their lives to learning more about the Lord and serving him in radical ways. NextGen Youth is focused on fostering the relationships these teens have with Christ, as well as teaching them more about the Word of God as they continue to grow in their knowledge of Him. Through every youth group session, our goal is for the students to discover more of the many amazing ways in which they can become His hands and feet. In a world that pulls for human attention from all directions, one of NextGen Youth’s goals is to assist teens in proclaiming and living out their faith on a daily basis. Our youth leaders are passionate about Gillette’s youth and believe strongly in the profound faith that resonates within our town’s teens.

NextGen Youth

NextGen Youth, led by Alli and Eric Stryker, offers an environment that is both welcoming and cool, making it a fun to place to not only worship and learn more about God, but also to simply just socialize. The NextGen Youth facility includes a pool table, foosball, ping pong, arcade games, great music, and lounge areas perfect for hanging with friends, eating food, and talking with/getting to know our enthusiastic youth leaders.

When: Wednesdays 6:30pm Where: G4 Youth Building




Children are and will continue to be a dynamic force of God’s love in the nation and world. At Gillette Foursquare, we recognize the importance of children within our church community. According to recent attendance reports, ⅓ of our congregation is made up of kids under the age of twelve! This is an exciting statistic as today’s youth is the hope of the future. We are beyond excited for these children to be learning about the amazing love of Christ and how they can be lights of the world, sharing this love with their friends and family! Children’s church classes are a great opportunity for kids to be immersed in an environment that is engaging, thought-provoking, and fun, and ultimately helps them to grow in their knowledge of and relationship with God.


Children’s Church

Children’s Church classes are offered for children ages preschool through sixth grade and are taught by enthusiastic and caring volunteers who are beyond excited to help the kids of G4 grow! All volunteers are background checked to ensure the safety of our children, and if you have any questions regarding children’s classes, curriculum, or instructors, we encourage you to contact the church!

When: Sundays 11am Where: G4 Children’s Building



Changes in Children’s Ministry

It is an exciting time for the NextGen Children’s Ministry at Gillette Foursquare! With a growing children’s population, it has been realized that with certain changes, our church can provide better services to enhance kids’ learning and worshipping experience. In the past, the families of G4 have worshipped together as one in the main sanctuary, followed by the dismissal of kids during greeting time. Now, our kids go directly to their own worship service in the youth building at the beginning of service. The question has been asked, “Why are these changes being made?” Please take a minute and read the heart behind it:

Primarily, we believe it is an effective tool in bringing our kids and adults to Jesus.

Children like church – Do you know someone (maybe it’s even yourself) who disliked church as a kid because they felt their parents forced them to go and it was boring? We want our kids to want to go to church because there it includes an environment of friendship with peers, caring adult workers, and a genuine understanding of connecting with the Person of Jesus. Our desire for  them is that they want to come back week after week to learn about Jesus AND enjoy it.

Children learn at their level – We sing great songs of worship to and about Jesus in the main auditorium, but some lyrics may be confusing to our children. We want our kids to worship Jesus wholeheartedly by using songs that are age – appropriate, fun, and worshipful, yet at the same time make sense to them. We also want to get the kids actively involved in their own worship process by including them in leading some of the songs, helping run the powerpoint on the computer, and playing instruments.

It allows the adults to worship / learn undistracted – We are all about family. That means that our parents need an environment where they can be edified, encouraged, and focused in God’s Word. This is much easier when they’re not trying to keep their children pacified or entertained during service. Plus, when we have people who come to service seeking a relationship with Jesus, it’s of great value to them if they are able to give their full attention to what’s going on in the service without the distractions of fussy or bored kids.

It provides room in the main auditorium for Sunday morning growth – As our numbers have increased, our need for adult space in the auditorium has also increased. By having the children go directly to their own worship service, extra seating for adults is freed up. Besides, the children LOVE to have their own time where action and noise is encouraged during songs that are more age-appropriate.

So what does this look like?

  • Children are in a safe environment – In this day and age, safety for the children is an absolute priority. This includes running a background check on our volunteers before they serve, maintaining a secure check-in & check-out procedure, and paying attention to your child’s specific needs. It is important for you to allow a few extra minutes on Sunday morning to check your children in at the youth building before service starts. The youth building foyer is also where you will check your children out at the end of service.

  • Children are having fun – Games, crafts, activities, and multi-media are all part of a child having a great experience, and all of these are utilized and tied directly to the Bible lessons. We simply believe that kids can and should have a great time learning about God.

  • Children are taught in age-appropriate environments – Our children’s ministry is not a babysitting service and while it would be easy to entertain the kids without instructing them, that doesn’t serve our goal of bringing kids to Jesus. So, we break children into age appropriate environments where they learn at their level.

    We love our children and have worked hard to create a wonderful learning environment for them.