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Caffeinate and conquer at
Gillette Foursquare Church

The Cafe is open Sunday before first service until greeting time during second service. There is a limited menu of espresso drinks for available at modest prices. However, if you are new here and you fill out a Connection Card, enjoy a free latte on the house! House coffees and teas are always served for a suggested $1.00 donation. This is a great time to come a little early, grab a cup of coffee, and fellowship around the foyer with friends. 

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Our Coffee Cafe is excited to serve coffees made with blends from Dark Canyon Coffee Company. Dark Canyon Coffee Company has worked hard to produce the best flavored coffee blends in the region, selecting only the highest quality coffee beans from Africa, Sumatra, Papau New Guinea, South America, and Central America. Not only does Dark Canyon coffee have amazing flavor, but their coffee is also “fair trade coffee”. This means that Dark Canyon Coffee Company sources their coffee from farms that are friendly to both the earth and the farmers. Farmers are paid fairly for their hard work and are guaranteed a stable price for their coffee no matter the market conditions, by a company called Fair Trade USA. When you drink Dark Canyon coffee, you can be sure that what you’re drinking is not only delicious, but ethical as well.